Ruth Whitefeather Feldman is a main character on Disjointed, a cannabis lawyer and self-professed cannabis activist, as well as the co-owner of Ruth's Alternative Caring along with her son Travis. 

Biography Edit

Ruth has been a cannabis fanatic since the 60's, and most of her career has revolved around the plant. She is a registered lawyer with the California Bar Association. She has several friends from her cannabis-activist days, such as Scooter Boots and the late Jack Heron.

Ruth has always shown her son Travis "tough love" since he was very young, which he often misinterprets as dislike and disinterest in the present. She has been incarcerated several times throughout her life due to the nature of her activism. Once she was incarcerated for four and a half years, and during this time young Travis lived with his father, apparently "one of her biggest regrets." Despite not always being there for Travis, she loves him nonetheless, and in Part 1, Episode 6, "Donna Weed," she apparently "loves him more than pot."

Trivia Edit

  • Ruth was at one point married or in a relationship with a black man, evident from her son Travis.
  • Ruth has had a long-lasting extreme dislike for Tae Kwon Douglas of Intensity Plus. (Part 1, Episode 1, "Omega Strain")
  • Ruth has been incarcerated in five consecutive decades. (Part 1, Episode 3, "Rutherford B. Haze")
  • Ruth is apparently a very good Scrabble player, and has beat Travis every single time they play together, except for the most recent time, when she lost to him, but set Carter up to beat him instead, because she couldn't stand Travis winning. (Part 1, Episode 5, "Schrödinger's Pot")
  • At Travis' piano recital when he was in first grade, Ruth was allegedly very high, causing her to be gossiped about by the parents and Travis having a strained relationship with his peers. (Part 1, Episode 6, "Donna Weed")