Jenny is a main character on Disjointed, a medical school dropout, and an employee at Ruth's Alternative Caring. She is played by Elizabeth Ho. 

Biography Edit

Jenny comes from a stereotypical Asian family. In the beginning half of the first season, Jenny's mother calls her often, asking how she is doing in medical school, when in reality, Jenny had dropped out of medical school in her last semester and began working at Ruth's instead. Jenny is deeply afraid of her disappointing mother and allowing her to become the laughingstock their neighborhood. Jenny's mother also supplies her with tea that promotes health, intelligence, and "perfectly formed bowel movements." It is made from ingredients such as wolfberry and pig's testicles.

Jenny is dating Carter as of Part 1, Episode 10. She was formerly interested in a Leafly user called "L.A. Dude" who bought Frosted Mini Wheats from her and said she "radiated a beautiful sadness."

Trivia Edit

  • Jenny is often seen wearing a knitted hat, but rarely the same one.
  • Jenny's best friend in the workplace is most likely Olivia.
  • Jenny was previously enrolled in the medical school program at University of California, Los Angeles, but dropped out and began working at Ruth's Alternative Caring. (Part 1, Episode 3, "Rutherford B. Haze)
  • Jenny tracks her smoking in a journal. She tracks what strain, how much, at what time of day, and which family member she believes is most disappointed with her. She also writes haikus in the same journal. (Part 1, Episode 4, "Erschreckendglückseligkeit OG")
  • Jenny pours the rest of her mother's tea gave her into Pete's water tank, which causes his plants to speak to him in Mandarin, grow faster, and become stronger.