Olivia is a main character on Disjointed and an employee at Ruth's Alternative Caring. She is played by Elizabeth Alderfer. 

Biography Edit

Olivia is from a small town in Iowa that has a strong drug addiction/overdose issue. Many of the people there start with pot and then end up on crack and meth, which results in her reluctance to smoke. In Part 1, Episode 3, "Rutherford B. Haze," she tells Carter that she doesn't even smoke that often or that much because she is afraid of becoming like them.

She was formerly attracted to Travis in Part 1 and may have residual feelings for him as in Part 1, Episode 8, "Pyongyang Green" she is incredibly jealous of Tina, Travis' date. Ruth is desperate for Olivia and Travis to get together and "make her some butterscotch babies." In Part 1, Episode 2, "Eve's Bush," they were going to hookup, but Ruth kept distracting them.

Trivia Edit

  • Olivia's best friend in the workplace is most likely Jenny.
  • Olivia's brother is addicted to meth, and her family had an intervention with him at their last Thanksgiving after her brother stole the car and the turkey. (Part 1, Episode 3, "Rutherford B. Haze")
  • Olivia was interested in the potographer Jake Bone, and even had an 80's fantasy about him, until he spoke to her using vulgar innuendos. (Part 1, Episode 4, "Erschreckendglückseligkeit OG")
  • Olivia doesn't shower on Wednesdays. (Part 1, Episode 8, "Pyongyang Green")
  • Olivia has a grandmother that makes delicious fudge swirls, or as they are affectionately titled by her peers and much to her dismay, "s***balls." They later become somewhat of a commodity at Ruth's Alternative Caring. (first mention: Part 1, Episode 9, "Olivia's S***balls")